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A Little Bit Of Audrey Hepburn

In this collection — are not really very well-known photographs of Audrey Hepburn taken at different times by the wonderful photographer Bob Willoughby.

Bob Willoughby was loved by the directors and the actors. This is evident by how close he got to Audrey.


The Internet has a lot of photos of Audrey and Pippin. Most of them belong to Bob Willoughby — a photographer who accompanied Audrey during the shooting and who later became her boyfriend. Bob took a lot of photos of Hepburn and her little Ip.little-bit-audrey-hepburn-artnaz-com-1


He talked about their tandem like this: “When I visited Audrey, deer lived with her for a few weeks and has become a real member of the family. She took Ip for shopping in Beverly Hills and created a sensation! Residents of Beverly Hills were quite spoiled with all sorts of spectacles, but the sight of of Audrey, followed by this lovely creature, forced to stop everyone in their path … seeing Audrey with fawn was amazing!”

little-bit-audrey-hepburn-artnaz-com-3In 1958, during the shooting of the film “Green Mansions” partner star in the film became a small fawn named Pippin, according to the plot of the film, Pippin was supposed to be a friend of the heroine.

Audrey at the time took Pippin to her home, so that they become accustomed to each other, and that the animal has learned to walk with her on the screen. It was not long before Pippin became a real member of the family.


Audrey herself affectionately called Pippin “Ip”. They quickly become attached to each other, and that after the shooting, he kept up with Audrey every single step.
It is said that, despite the fact that the house is a special place, he slept only with of Audrey.



In this photo the star, her faithful Pippin and Yorkshire terrier named Mr. Famous make a morning jog.
By the way, did you know that it is thanks to Audrey Hepburn Yorkshire terriers owe their status of “glamorous dogs” — it was Audrey who brought them into fashion.