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10 atmospheric games to play on the weekends

There are some games that you seem to like, but when you try to understand why you like them, the answer can not be found. You like the graphics even if they are not the coolest, and the plot is not so dashing, and the gameplay is sometimes lame, but anyway you want to play it. This is the that atmosphere, which tightens and for which can be forgiven all the other flaws.

Mafia Game Series

Elegant gangster thriller from a third person view. The game is played literally in one breath, as if you watch an interactive movie, the hero of which is subject to your actions. The city, the people, the cars, all it immerses you in the very era of 50-ies of the last century. Yes, the plot of the “Mafia” is small, you can go through the game completely in a few hours. But it is one of those games where you just want to be. Just walk through these streets, ride smart cars and breathe this atmosphere.



L.A. Noire

“Mafia” on the contrary. America, Los Angeles, the middle of the twentieth century, gangsters and mobsters feel that they rule the city. You play as a homicide detective, which is one to unravel the complicated tangle of cobwebs of underworld of Hollywood. The game is not linear, it evolves according to the decisions that you take and it is very cool.



Space Rangers

In particular, the second part. One of the best games of the Russian game industry, which has become a real cult. The mixing of almost all genres, mix of turn-based strategy, RPG, real time strategy, and text quests. A game that can be played endlessly, and the fact there are at least two reasons: complete freedom of action, when you can play as you want and where you want, as well as the universe that does not depend on the player and lives by its own laws.




Small 2D platformer, with virtually no plot and the most primitive graphics, that you can think of. But the atmosphere is striking from the first minutes. Dark gloomy world, laden with a variety of cunning traps, which must overcome the main hero to save his sister.




The game is addictive and the graphics and storyline, and music, which, by the way, was written just for this game. The main character is taken for investigating the mysterious disappearance of his brother — a professor who became a victim of his own invention. He came up with a device that is able to transfer people in a special place called “Glimmering World”, which made possible a meeting with relatives of the dead and revived memories of childhood.



Max Payne

Who at least once played this game — will never forget this great oppressive atmosphere of film noir and steep militants. The former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Max Payne traveling alone at night in New York, moving step by step from small to large street gangsters mafia bosses, trying to get on the trail of the killers of his family.



The Long Dark

The game, which is still in alpha mode, but is able to give you many hours of struggle for survival in the icy wilderness. Mysterious magnetic storm threw the aircraft, in which was travelling the main character, in the wilds of northern Canada. You wake up in a cold forest, dressed in a light sweater and with a minimal set of things. All you need — just to survive. The game has no story line, but the atmosphere — icy forest with incessant blizzards and packs of hungry wolves, will make you want to try to survive this nightmare.



Half-Life 2

Trite, but ths game, also has a very deep atmosphere. The game world, which is a half-ruined post-apocalyptic landscape, literally saturated with fear and totalitarianism. City 17, Reyvenholm, Nova Prospect … wandering around these places really makes you immersed in this world, not even noticing the imperfections in graphics in the gmae, which recently turned more than 10 years old.



BioShock Infinite

The game takes place in 1912 in the fictional floating city of Columbia, in which the protagonist, private detective Booker DeWitt, enters in search of a girl named Elizabeth. Colombia — a city-utopia that can float in the air due to a combination of giant airships, reactors, propellers and mysterious technology, which among the game characters known as “quantum levitation”. Connecting the real atmosphere of the late XIX century and steampunk aesthetics, making the game a stunningly beautiful.



Grand Theft Auto Series

And interestingly, the developers of this series, with all the eras taking placing in the games — did an excellent job. Vice City, telling about the middle of the bright 80s, San Andreas, which tells about the militants’ 90s, well, GTA IV, in which the action takes place in the early 2000s, all of these games really well convey the aesthetics of those times.



Of course, the cool atmospheric games are a lot more than listed in this list — Stalker, Metro 2033, The Elder Scrolls, and other. But it is just a list, and that is not the top, to reflect the personal opinion of the author. So if some of the games there was not — probably I simply have not played them. Feel free to write about them in the comments, so that no decent games will be left forgotten. Have a great weekend guys!