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20 little-known facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger

In this post, we present you some little-known facts about the man, the legend — Arnold Schwarzenegger, who by example has proved that nothing is impossible and all goals are achievable.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger has never blinked in “Terminator 2”. However, for the actor it was quite difficult to shoot a gun, and not to blink.


2. In “Terminator 2,” Schwarzenegger said in total 700 words, after which he was paid $ 15 million. This make the most expensive phrase «Hasta la vista, baby» in history. It cost $ 85,716.


3. Arnold Schwarzenegger could lift the weight of 310 kilograms. Today bodybuilders from around the world compete in the Arnold Classic Festival — an annual multidisciplinary sports festival, held in Columbus, Ohio.


4. Gustav Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a volunteer member of the Nazi party. Gustav, a police officer from Austria, voluntarily joined the Nazi party March 1, 1938.


5. “End of Days” — the only film in which the character played by Arnold dies. Critics declared “End of Days” the worst film of Schwarzenegger. It failed both at the box office, and by the critics.

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