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Company Lucid Motors showed competitor of Tesla Model S

Lucid Motors has unveiled an all-electric sedan Air, which on the outside looks very similar to its main competitor — Tesla Model S.

Base for Lucid Air battery is 100 kilowatt-hours, and for a fee they offer a 130 kWh battery.

The maximum capacity of the power — 1000 hp, which allows to reach 96 km/h in just 2.5 seconds on the level of high-speed supercar. Equally important, a full charge should last for 400 miles (640 km), almost 150 kilometers greater than the distance which is able to overcome the top-end Tesla.

Lucid Air received radars, lidar and cameras and is able to move in a fully autonomous mode, but when this functionality will be available to buyers is unknown. Yet.

In addition, some electric functions can be controlled using voice.

For the expensive equipment Lucid Air price will exceed $150,000 and the company promises in the future versions which will be available for around $65,000.

Releasing electro-sedan of Lucid Motors will be own company in Arizona, which is due to open in 2017.

Production itself will start in 2018, and then start selling same year.