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“Els Enfarinats” — the fight with eggs in Spain, 2016

On December 28th in the south-eastern Spanish town of Ibi was hosted the annual 200-year-old festival “Els Enfarinats”. Participants in uniforms arrange battles with the help of eggs, flour and firecrackers.

The festival is held in honor of the biblical King Herod Innocents, who once lived in the town of Ibi. During the day, participants of the festival “overthrow the power,” then “choose new” and publish “new laws.”

Then they go look for people who do not pay taxes to “the new government,” and the ones who refuse to pay pelted with flour and eggs. By noon, a group is formed, which is tired of “new power”, they try to overthrow it by means of eggs and flour.

Ends the battle with songs, dances and raises funds for charity.

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