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Gift yourself time: how to choose a watch that will fit you

New Year — the perfect time to give gifts. We constantly run back and forth across the city in search of gifts for loved ones and ourselves, of course, we tend to forget to pamper.

The best gift that we can present to ourselves — the ability to properly organize our time. And stylish watches help you with this.

In this post we will talk about how to choose the perfect watch that will look great on your hand and make you glad with uninterrupted functioning.

When choosing watches notice, what from their body is made of. Good material — stainless steel with surgical grade 316L or as a lightweight variant titanium. However, for the production of more expensive models used additional PVD-coat, usually black.

If the strap is made of steel, it is worth paying attention to the fact that if it was also made of stainless steel. It is virtually a standard rarely found or aluminum alloy. If the strap is braided, it is desirable that the links were as little as possible.

Internal — not less important part than appearance. Reliability and relatively low cost mechanisms are considered quartz Japanese Miyota and Swiss Ronda. Quartz themselves are more reliable, because it is much less likely to break down than the full mechanics. But even among the Chinese machinery is now full of good mechanisms.

In the wooden clock is it important that the wood has undergone primary processing and has no chemical coatings and treatments. This may cause rejection and allergy.

In addition to classical switches and dials there are more trivial and flexible discs — a frequent phenomenon in the watch design, with which you can realize the most daring and original ideas. In these watches it is important to pay attention to the power of engine and the number of layers of the disk — that is what determines their reliability and durability.