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Healthy habits that are really not as good as they may seem

How many “advices” you will hear from advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Someone recommended the most incredible diet, someone claims that the panacea for all problems — sport, while others believe that “medicine from all diseases” are red wine and chocolate.

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In this post we will focus on the most common myths about healthy lifestyles.

1. Doing or playing only one sport

It is believed that the system of exercises of certain sport has beneficial effect on health, and the general condition of the figure. But in fact, the best solution — a combination of cycling, swimming, running, training in the gym. And yes, do not forget that you can take the stairs instead of elevator.


2. Cooking in the microwave

Contrary to the opinion that microwave kills nutrients, the problem lies elsewhere. The fact that most of the products which are designed for cooking in a microwave oven, in themselves contain very little nutrients.


3. Diets

It is believed that exercising and a proper diet help release toxins from the body. But in fact, dietary restriction harm more than do good due to the limitation of nutrients.


4. Tan

Doctors believe that prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful to health. In response to UV-radiation body produces melanin. Therefore, we can assume that tan appears when our skin is damaged by sun.


5. Anger management

It is worth remembering that anger suppression is possible and useful to others, but in fact leads to the accumulation of even greater anger. The best solution would be a walk in the fresh air — you can reset the accumulated negativity and find the best solution to the problem.

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