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10 places in the world where you can see the Northern Lights

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4. Salekhard, Russia

Although it is not surprising that in the northern part of Russia you can see the magnificent Northern Lights, but in the Russian city of Salekhard, located above the Arctic Circle, this natural phenomenon is observed more frequently. Here you can see the unique green glow, which locals call ‘the world of the dead’.


3. Tromsø, Norway

This thriving city is located in the “Aurora Oval”, which will give you a beautiful view of the lights during most of the year. Unlike places on the same latitude, the climate is much milder in Tromso thanks to the Gulf Stream.


2. Yellowknife, Canada

There are many places in Canada, where you can also see the Northern Lights. Travel to Yellowknife, however, will allow you to see this natural phenomenon in a place called the village of Aurora!


1. Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska — the largest and northernmost US state, where there are many places where you can watch the spectacle of the Northern Lights. Locals say that staying in their village for three days, giving 80% chance to see the lights.

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