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15 photos that make this world a little kinder place

There are photos, behind which lies a story, and one look at them is not enough, and we return to it again and again.

They cause us to experience a variety of feelings: sadness, joy, tenderness, but definitely do not leave us indifferent.

Small house for a cat

These are the houses in Turkey that are put for the homeless cats. On it is written, “This is my house. Please, don’t do harm.”


So different, but still together

Gentle friendship between a cat and a cow on a farm in Quebec, Canada

© Christinne Muschi / Reuters


Water battle

Elephants pour water on to the rural residents during the celebration of the Thai New Year or Songkran, in the province of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, Thailand.

© Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters


Grateful smile

Saved from the flood donkey was so pleased that he seems to smile with happiness.



Funny game

Danish police plays a guessing game with the girl from migrant family, Denmark.

© Claus Fisker / Scanpix Denmark / Reuters

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