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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, 2017

On January 5 at the Chinese city of Harbin officially opened the largest international festival of ice and snow. Huge replicas of world famous buildings, the giant 240-meter hill, churches and pagodas, and millions of tourists.

The festival will last until the end of February.

Huge snow-ice city is built each year by about 10 000 people. At this time, the temperature usually ranges from -10 ° C to -20 ° C — ideal conditions for ice sculpturing.

It’s all in a serious way, tall cranes are working on a large construction site. It was on 16 December.

At night, with high-rise construction cranes view is particularly epic. About 180,000 cubic meters of ice and 150,000 cubic meters of snow were used to create miracles in Harbin Ice and Snow festival on the territory of 800 000 sq.m.

Where to get building material for the construction of ice town? Workers with iron spikes prepare to take out ice blocks from the Songhua River. Each summing block of ice weighs about 250 kg.

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