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Four pink villas in South Korea

In the countryside near the port city of Ulsan, South Korea were built four original villas. Architects acted very bravely and painted home in a bright pink color.

The designers themselves compare the resulting project with unfading pink flowers on a green background.

Architects of Moon Hoon studio are famous for unconventional projects. This time they again decided to surprise their next client. Regarding the construction of four villas, located in the vicinity of the port city of Ulsan was recently completed (South Korea). Houses are made in a bright pink color.

Client focused on the privacy of each villa, so the architects have delimited them with long high walls.

Miryang pool villa is a two-storey building and one three storey. The upper floor of the duplex is built at an angle to hide the residents from accidental views of neighbors.

In the territory of each villa has its own swimming pool and terrace. The interior is made in bright colors. Through the wide sliding glass doors offering stunning views of the green hills.

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