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Half-Life 3 could be a real-time strategy

In a recent podcast, Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner told interesting bit about what the gameplay prototypes were considered for the Half-Life 3. Yes, outside is 2017, and we are still talking about Half-Life 3.

According to Reiner, when he studied the history of the game, he was able to obtain reliable information from one of the developers: “Small teams of 4-5 people were working on a number of prototypes. But none of them has moved forward.”

“I spoke about the two potential directions of development: one of them is that Half Life 3 was supposed to be a real-time strategy, and the other would have involved shooting with live actors. It was supposed to be a new type of adventure”, — said Reiner.

“Something like Night Trap, but much more advanced version”, — said the editor. Other developers do not want to communicate with him on this subject, so all further research on Half Life 3 resulted in deadlock.