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“Hottest Criminal in the World” has acquired a supercar for $150,000 and a luxury mansion

Two years ago, the offender Jeremy Meeks called “the hottest felon in the world” — after his picture taken by the police, has become extremely popular.

Now the former prisoner has become a real star of Instagram with lots of photos of his lavish lifestyle.

32-year-old Jeremy poses with his Maserati worth 150 thousand dollars with the his huge mansion on the background. In the picture the caption is: “It’s good to be home”

A former gang member from California, was jailed in 2014 — on charges of illegal possession of a weapon after being caught in the crossfire.

But the picture of Meeks, published on the Stockton Police page on Facebook, made a lot of girls become his fans and made modeling agencies lined up in front of the door of his cell.

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