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If someone dies in the community they immediately pack up and move to a new site to avoid evil spirits in Accham District, Nepal, January 2016. Hidden deep in the Himalayan forest is one of the world’s last enduring nomadic tribes who are resisting attempts to move them into permanent settlements. The Raute tribe has no permanent home and frequently moves between camps. Living as hunter-gatherers and eating the meat of langur and macaque monkeys – a controversial choice in the Hindu dominated country of Nepal, where monkeys are considered to be the reincarnation of the God Hanuman. With the assistance of a local journalist, Danish photographer Jan Møller Hansen spent three days in January 2016 travelling from Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu into a remote forest in Accham District, Nepal to document the isolated group – who call themselves the Kings of the Forest. (Photo by Jan Moller Hansen/Barcroft Images)

Only 156 people remained in the tribe when Jan visited in Accham District, Nepal, January 2016. (Photo by Jan Moller Hansen/Barcroft Images)

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